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We offer a team approach


Sometimes it makes more sense to work on a team. Sometimes problems are best solved when professionals from different backgrounds work together. That's why we collaborate with Mental Health Professionals, Financial Specialists and Communication Coaches to bring you the perfect blend of emotional support, legal advice, and financial planning.


We know death isn't easy. We know family relationships can be complicated and may be strained under the emotional charge that often accompanies estate distributions. Instead of turning a blind eye on the emotional needs of your family, we bring together a team that helps your family have honest and loving communication.

Collaborative Dispute Resolution 

Does working on a team make you feel more supported? 


We empower you to choose which professionals you want on your team and we bring that team to your family to facilitate a conversation about your family conflict.


Typically a collaborative team consists of a Mediator, a licensed Mental Health Professional and a credentialed Financial Professional. We can bring in elder specialists, child specialists and communication specialists as needed. 


  • Imagine an open and trusting environment where you share with your family exactly how and to whom you want to pass down your assets 


  • Imagine explaining what type of medical treatment you want and don't want and addressing family members' concerns prior to a medical crisis


  • Imagine the opportunity to explain why you're choosing to set up your estate plan this way while everyone is listening


  • Imagine celebrating the fact that everyone is on the same page together


With inter-generational and transparent communication, your family is able to avoid costly court battles by resolving family differences while you're still alive rather than dealing with conflict after you pass away. 


In the collaborative process, you experience a supportive team that is focused on clear communication and preserving family relationships. 


Let us know you're interested in a collaborative approach and we'll pave the way!
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