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The mediation practice

At Integrate Legacy Dispute Resolution: Mediation Services for Families, we guarantee impeccable communication while guiding our clients through tough conversations. We offer mediation and professional facilitation services for families who want to repair and preserve their relationships with each other rather than to sue one another in court. Despite good intentions, humans get into conflicts so easily, don't we? Kamela has a knack for helping people learn how to get out of conflicts with greater efficiency and compassion. That's why we say we're "harmoniously transforming your conflicts!"

Our sweet spot is working with family members who know there has to be a better way to navigate their differences than by fighting and cutting off communication. We love working with folks in the LGBTQIA+ community and other non-traditional family structures. Niches and sweet spots aside, we work with anyone who is committed to getting to the other side of their disputes in a wholesome way without "lawyering up"... all people welcome!

We virtually serve clients from any location globally.

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The mediator

Kamela Love
Certified Mediator
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Kamela is the founder of Integrate Legacy Dispute Resolution, a private practice that exclusively offers mediation and professional facilitation services for families who want to repair and preserve their relationships rather than to sue each other in court. As an experienced communication and relationship coach, mediator, martial arts practitioner, dancer and spiritual counselor, she integrates these skills with her legal training to provide a holistic approach to conflict resolution and family facilitated conversations. Kamela has been doing mediation since elementary school when she was trained as a peer mediator!


Kamela graduated undergrad as Valedictorian and magna cum laude from Santa Clara University and earned her law degree from Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles. Kamela became a DRPA certified mediator in 2010. She is the former President of the Board of Directors at Community Boards, a community mediation non-profit in San Francisco. As a pioneer of the collaborative Trust & Estates field, she worked on interdisciplinary teams with other mediation-trained Attorneys, licensed Mental Health and Eldercare Professionals, and Certified Financial Planners to help families solve legal problems outside of court.


Kamela was trained through Integrative Mediation Bay Area to co-mediate with mental health professionals in such a way that the emotional side of the dispute is prioritized and addressed while simultaneously creating solutions to the financial and legal sides of the dispute. Outside of her own mediation practice, Kamela works for Safe Mediation where she co-mediates using the Integrative Mediation model with Anaisa Seneda, who was trained in psychoanalysis. As highly emotionally-intelligent and trauma-informed mediators, Kamela and Anaisa skillfully support their Integrative Mediation clients in the global Tantra field through conflicts surrounding claims of physical boundary violations, abuse of power, and sexual assault.


In addition to her passion for a heart-centered approach to mediation, Kamela is equally passionate about a transformative approach to communication. She believes that just about any conflict can be mediated with willing participants and a mutual commitment to create a win-win solution. She teaches her clients that most disputes can be resolved when there is creativity, communication, compassion, and a mutual desire to arrive at a win-win outcome.


Juris Doctor, Cum Laude, Southwestern Law School

BS in Political Science, Valedictorian, Magna Cum Laude, Santa Clara University

BA in Spanish Studies, Valedictorian, Magna Cum Laude, Santa Clara University


Fluent Spanish

Basic Portuguese

Read & write Arabic

Watch an interview with Kamela (formerly Kamela Laird) on KTNC-TV regarding her mediation work with Community Boards. This interview is conducted in Spanish on AL DIA network. 

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